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Yoga/Pilates Stretching Belt D-Ring Resistance Strap. The length can be freely adjusted to meet your needs during your daily exercise and yoga. It's used to stretch your waist, arms, legs and other body parts.

It is used in Yoga/Pilates to improve the motion and flexibility. Stretch belt is made of thicker cotton, which is durable and firm. You can use the stretching belt to hold your body in place so that your two hands can be free to stretch freely. Beginners who are not familiar with the general yoga movements or cannot achieve the functions of the movements should use these props to avoid getting injured.


Package Includes:

1 D-Ring Yoga Strap

Color: Lavender

Size: 6' long, 1.5 in wide

Yoga Stretching Belt Resistance Strap Lavender

    • Size: 6'
    • Material: Cotton
    • Use: Yoga, Pilates, Daily Exercise, Stretching
    • Color: Lavender

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