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Our premium Sandalwood incense sticks are infused with natural essential oils and designed for relaxing, peaceful and tranquil moment. They are Sandalwood, just slightly different sent, packaged in a beautiful, eco friendly storage tube perfect for gifting to that special someone.


You can purchase a single box, or a pack of 6 that comes in a range of enticing and relaxing scents: Sandalwood, Gray Eaglewood, Singapore, Laoshan Sandalwood, Eaglewood, Arborvitae.


Sandalwood Incense 40 Sticks Box

SKU: Sincense40B
  • 1 BOX= 40 Sticks

    Recommended use: home, patio, incense burner, deodorization, rituals, office, Yoga, birthday parties, special occasion, or any relaxing occasion.

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